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  • How to Install Your RISE Armament Trigger

    Installing your RISE Armament RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger is a relatively simple process that should take approximately 10 minutes. We’ve demonstrated the process on a standard forged receiver with a milspec trigger. Steps 3 and 4 will vary if you have another drop-in or cassette-style trigger installed. In that case, you will remove it after step 2 and proceed with step 5.

    You will need safety glasses, a brass or nonmetal punch (smaller than .154″), a hammer (we recommend a ball-peen hammer), 5/64 Allen wrench, flathead screwdriver (type of screwdriver may differ depending on rifle manufacturer’s grip screw).


    Step 1

    Make sure the weapon is clear and there is not a round in the chamber. Remove the upper receiver from the weapon system.


    Step 2

    Loosen the grip screw on the inside of the grip and remove it. It may be a flathead, torx head, or hex head, depending on the manufacturer. Carefully remove the grip to expose the spring inside. There is a detent behind the spring. Both of these are small and easily lost. Remove the spring and detent, using your hand or a plastic bin to catch the detent as it falls. Save them for reinstallation (Step 7).


    RISE Armament trigger installation 1 RISE Armament trigger installation 2 RISE Armament trigger installation 3

    Step 3

    With a small brass punch or nonmetallic item (to avoid damage to the finish), press out the hammer pin and remove the hammer and hammer spring.

    RISE Armament trigger installation 4  RISE Armament trigger installation 5


    Step 4

    Next, press out the trigger pin. This may require pressing down on the disconnector. Remove the disconnector, disconnector spring, trigger, and trigger spring. Now remove the safety selector if it did not come out earlier. The pocket that everything was in should now be clear and empty.

    RISE Armament trigger installation 6  RISE Armament trigger installation 7



    Step 5

    Drop the RISE Armament trigger in the pocket using the holes as a reference for direction. The hammer will face the magwell.

    RISE Armament trigger installation 8  RISE Armament trigger installation 9



    Step 6

    Install KNS pins by following the instructions on the KNS package (or install your standard pins if you don’t have KNS pins). Make sure the KNS screws are snug, not torqued.

    RISE Armament trigger installation 10



    Step 7

    Reinstall the safety selector and the grip assembly with the detent, detent spring, grip, and grip screw to their respective positions in that order.

    RISE Armament trigger installation 11



    Step 8

    There are two small setscrews located on the trigger system under the hammer springs. Lift or shift over each hammer spring and use a 5/64 Allen wrench to snug the setscrews to the floor of the receiver. Do not overtighten, as this will change the poundage of the trigger. This step is necessary for the weapon to function properly without KNS pins.



    RISE Armament trigger installation 12


    Step 9

    Perform a functions check on the weapon to verify correct installation.


    Step 10

    Enjoy your RISE Armament trigger!
    Additional Instructions
    Downloadable PDF (ideal for printing): How to install a RISE Armament trigger
    Video version: Video Tutorial: How to Install Your RISE Armament Trigger


    Note: The instructions are for reference only. Refer to your local gunsmith or dealer for professional installation advice. The assembly or installation of firearm parts and components should only be performed by a qualified gunsmith or certified armorer. Using a rifle assembled incorrectly or assembled using incorrect or modified parts can result in a damaged rifle, property damage, personal injury or death. Manufacturer is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from the improper installation or use of our products. Always practice gun safety and handle your firearm responsibly. Ensure the gun is unloaded before installing the trigger. Always point your gun in a safe direction and use extreme caution.

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