• Six Picks for Predator Hunting

    6 Picks for Predator HuntingFrom wily coyotes to stealthy bobcats, few things are as fun as predator hunting. To set yourself up for success, check out a few of our favorite products for preying on predators.

    1. The Pack
    When it comes to packs, we’ve tried them all, but Badlands can’t be beat for their durability and functionality. We especially like the Superday hunting backpack. It’ll carry a rifle or bow, as well as a pistol. It’s comfortable to carry, will haul two liters of water, and has multiple pockets for all your gear.

    2. The Decoy
    The Super Critter by Mojo Outdoors is one of the best predator decoys on the market. Its magnetically attached critter topper has realistic-looking fur and movements that attract and hold predators’ attention. It also plays a variety of sounds, but we recommend having an external speaker for better sound quality.

    3. The Call
    FoxPro is one of the best in the business when it comes to predator hunting. We’re big fans of its Shockwave call. The four-speaker system comes with 100 sounds and the ability to access and store up to 1,000. It also allows you to mix and match sounds, as well as change the pitch.

    4. The Rifle
    The .223 Wylde RA-331 Long-Range Rifle was designed for accuracy and precision. Scoring a perfect 10 in accuracy in Outdoor Life’s 2015 Guns and Optics Test, it has a 20.2-inch barrel and a slim-line billet handguard and is available with a black barrel and compensator. For enhanced accuracy, it, like all RISE rifles, comes with the RA-701 Compensator and RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger.

    5. The Trigger
    If you can’t spring for a complete new rifle, you can help increase your accuracy by replacing your current AR-15 or AR-10’s trigger. With a 3.5-pound pull weight, the RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger has a crisp, clean break with virtually no overtravel. You can fire shots more quickly and accurately, turning your rifle into a predator-killing machine.

    6. The Ammo
    For top performance, you have to stick with high-quality hunting ammunition, and you can’t go wrong with Hornady ammo.

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